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New River Academy will be continuing educational and kayak adventure programs via our university age transition program “Patagonia Study Abroad.” New River Academy’s kayak high school now continues under World Class Academy.

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...and that has made all the difference

The Kowalskis Wanted to Prepare Katie for University

New River Academy
Katie Kowalski- OKS Instructor, Canada Jr. National Champ and New River Academy Gapper

Joe and Sue Kowalski realized Katie worked and trained hard in high school as a star student and 3-time Canada Kayak Team member. But was she ready for college?

“Sue and I wanted a year for Katie to mature to ensure her success at university. Learning a second language, traveling with a team, mastering logistics and communication skills were where we agreed with Katie. A kayak gap year abroad would be both productive and an exciting opportunity. Investing in her success is an easy decision. Choosing New River Academy was just as easy.”
-Joe Kowalski, owner Ottawa Kayak School’s Keeners Youth Kayak Camps


A gap year abroad kayaking helps students discover career direction, safely explore the world, learn communication skills, and fulfill their adventure needs. You dreamt of giving your child the best. Now is the time to invest in your child. You can still apply.

"Click here to read about Gap Year Chile."

“And that has made all the difference.”

New River Academy Kayak School News and Updates

Patagonia Study Abroad Students Plan Trip to Choshuenco

The Patagonia Study Abroad semester utilizes a planning class that allows students to plan, budget and execute their own program. Previous Huge Experiences semesters staff planned and led logistics aspects which in effect often led to a group that experienced less of the culture and learning process. Below is an email from planning class instructor John Miller updating myself on their first planned trip. The weekend getaway is to one of Chile’s most famously gorgeous rivers on the Rio Fuy. The group planned to stay in the lakeside community of Choshuenco a 15 minute drive to three sections of the Rio Fuy.

Note- The group voted to rent one vehicle and trailer for bodies and gear. They  chose to put the...

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Patagonia Study Abroad spending money and communication answers.

OK. With just over one week until flights to Chile it’s getting exciting for this year’s Patagonia Study Abroad students. I’m officially on the ground in Pucon and can better answer several questions. Here goes.

1. How’s the Chile weather? The Maipo which is suppose to be warmer because it is further north and more arid three days ago was cold and rainy. It snowed at higher elevations. And Pucon which is normally rainy at this time of year was spectacular today with sunny tee weather. Expect shorts on some days and down jacket on others. Lean toward dressing for cold and rain and the sunny days will be warm and easy.

2. “Do I need an international cell plan? How much...

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Safety: A father’s concerns as his daughter persists to apply to gap year.

For high school grads and university students choose New River’s favorite program… Patagonia Gap Year.

Dates: October 18 to December 20, for more info email

Part I, “A father’s concerns as his daughter persists to apply to gap year.”

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This article is the second half to the question recently posed by a parent. Below is the response.

Is Chile safe?  You might be surprised to know that I’ve been called conservative when it...

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Field Trip: Washington DC

Students walk into the Holocaust Museum. Photo Kira Tenney.


Galen Volckhausen runs Grace Under Pressure at Great Falls. Photo by Seth Dow. For more photos of Great Falls and a write up on the River, go to

Craig Kleckner on Grace Under Pressure. Photo Seth Dow.

Hunt Jennings throws a Brown Claw ontop of the Washington Monument.

Sunset jump photo, with the Capitol building in the background. Photo Hunt Jennings.

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