Graduation Requirements

New River Academy will be continuing educational and kayak adventure programs via our university age transition program “Patagonia Study Abroad.” New River Academy’s kayak high school now continues under World Class Academy.

For more information about New River Academy’s and World Classes new strategic partnership click here, "New River and World Class Academies Align High School and University Programs."

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If you are interested in learning more about our kayak study abroad and gap year programs click here for New River Academy’s Patagonia Study Abroad.

Graduation Requirements:

Detailed information for those of you seeking a high school diploma with the New River Academy

Graduation Requirements

ClassRequired CreditRecommended
English 4 4
Speech 0.50 0.50
Mathematics 3 4
Sciences 3 4
Foreign Languages 2 3
Physical Education 1 1
Health/Sports Nutrition 0.50 0.50
Social Sciences 3 3
American Government
US History
World History
Electives 7 7
Photography I and II
Media Relations
Video Productions I and II
Student Leadership/Senior level
Physical Education I and II (Max. 2 PE credits)
Independent Study ie. guitar
*One semester (90 hours) = .50 credit, and full year (180 hours) = 1 credit. Total= 24 credits req.

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