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New River Academy will be continuing educational and kayak adventure programs via our university age transition program “Patagonia Study Abroad.” New River Academy’s kayak high school now continues under World Class Academy.

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An Exciting Education

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Parents enjoy viewing photo class projects online

“And that has made all the difference.”

What if you could create the perfect high school? What would your classes and teachers be like? How would you be motivated to learn? Would there be an option for post-graduates?

First, you want teachers who care about you and how you learn. Classes would be challenging, exciting, and illustrate value. You want teachers that listen and adjust to your learning needs whether you want to be challenged as an advanced placement student or you require tutoring. Imagine calculus at a picnic table under a tree with three of your friends and your teacher. The class ratio would be small and focus on individual attention, say two to four students per teacher.


For a cool student perspective read, "A day in the life of a New River Academy student."


Now, imagine class in Patagonia and your Spanish teacher has arranged to visit a Chilean high school to interview students. You open your Spanish dictionary to ask, “Tienes anos y te gusta Hannah Montana?” School has become fun and you begin to apply yourself.

Your parents are excited and proud of your learning too. Through video and photo media courses you learn to blog as you master video editing or photo composition. If you get good enough you can become a published writer or photographer.

The academics would not be easy which prepares you to apply for college. Your teachers care but also are stern with your assignments. You can easily approach your teacher during nightly study hall or just knock on her door.

School Sport?  Kayaking!

The school sport is kayaking and you kayak everyday after school. Some days you learn how to boof or run a clean waterfall. Other days you master the secrets of the latest freestyle moves. Then on other days you gain confidence running class III and IV.

Whether you want to gain confidence on class III, learn to boof a waterfall, or compete in the national championships tailored coaching and the best destinations will help you advance.

While you are dreaming of the perfect school why couldn’t the school travel to the best rivers and cultural destinations in the world? Of course, the school only chooses the safest culturally diverse countries with the best whitewater rivers.

After kayaking you rush back to your riverside base for dinner and prep for an hour of study hall. Then it is lights out, and time to dream of another perfect day of school.

Yes, this sounds like the ideal school, but are you ready to apply? The founders of the New River Academy utilize the school slogan, “And that has made all the difference,” for every decision. New River Academy is not easy, you will be challenged, the academics are tough, and you have to decide if you are ready to apply yourself and develop into a leader. Since the academics are tough, students are accepted by the nations best colleges and universities, and the teachers care.

More Academics Information

How do I apply?

College Placement

Course Descriptions

Graduation Requirements

New River Academy is a co-ed secondary school, offering accredited college-preparatory courses, with an extra-curricular focus on whitewater kayaking.

Attending a semester destination like Uganda is a life changing opportunity.

New River Academy fosters individuality, accountability, creativity, and international diplomacy through the everyday challenge of community living, small class size, international travel, and kayaking.  Classes at New River Academy are scheduled as they would be in a traditional high school. Each class meets 5 times per week, for 55 minutes. Our academic calendar is divided into four 7-week quarters.

New River Academy accommodates students requiring advanced classes.

AP courses are aligned with the standards set by the College Board and classes are teacher-led, rather than independent study. Per the new College Board requirements, all AP syllabi are turned in to the College Board prior to the beginning of the school year for course audit leading to official approval by the Board. Students will take the AP exam upon completion of the course. AP courses taught in the past are: AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP English, and AP Spanish Language.

Additionally, New River faculty can tailor instruction to accommodate individuals with special needs in the class room. This individualized instruction, along with a small class size and nightly help from a mentor, has allowed students who struggle in traditional class settings to thrive academically and personally.

New River Academy is an accredited private college preparatory school. New River Academy takes educational advantage of vivacious cultures offering excellent whitewater kayaking, safety within the culture, foreign language, varying biomes, historical value, and excellent writing opportunities in order to provide students with an inspirational and challenging learning environment.

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